Hall Road Rangers can announce that Darren Sunley has stepped down from his role as Club Chairman with immediate effect.

Speaking about how he came to make this decision, Sunley added the following:

“I joined Hall Road Rangers seven years ago as a first team sponsor after being approached by Lee Myers. It then moved onto becoming Chairman and together we started to look for a new ground.

Having taken the plunge in moving to Haworth Park, the key job for me then was to stabilise the club, grow the youth teams and develop the ground including the installation of floodlights and re-development of the ground and clubhouse.

It’s been a journey and a half to say the least with many ups and downs I have to say with the first team. The 2016/17 season saw us win the league with a massive 96 points and we subsequently sold beers for 96p under the control of Dave Ricardo who has recently rejoined.

I’ve seen the club grow mainly due to the massive help from the volunteers and managers who’ve grown the club and will continue to do so. Youth is always a massive part of any club at our level and again that will continue to be the same.

The role has taken a lot of my time up over the past few years. More recently, I’ve found it hard to devote the time needed towards the position for what it requires.

For this reason, I’m now stepping down as Chairman and Dave Reader, who has been a massive help over the last few years, will be taking the role of Chairman. I was also heavily involved with the running of the clubhouse booking events and parties etc. Neill Dransfield will be taking over that aspect and all staff will remain the same.

I will then be taking the role of Commercial Assistant to help gain new sponsors for the club so I’ll still be in and around the club.

There are no changes in relation to how the club is established. Hall Road Rangers will remain and grow and everyone should see this as the next step in the club’s development to grow and achieve.

#RiseWithUs“ he said.