Dear all,

The statement you are about to read is of a decision not taken lightly for the footballing club of Hall Road Rangers.

Established in 1959 and steeped in history, we’ve made the challenging decision to resign as a founder member of the Northern Counties East League.

Given the changes in the world we live in over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a decline in revenue and also support.

Operating on a skeleton basis has taken its toll and therefore leaves us with the unfortunate decision to be made.

The club will remain as a priority and we’ve made the decision to join the local step seven league of the Humber Premier League.

Stability and sustainability of Hall Road Rangers has been fundamental in this challenging decision to ensure it remains.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all past and present committee members, sponsors, players and supporters for the support given throughout. We’d also like to encourage potential, future sponsors, players, supporters and volunteers to come forward and offer their support.

We firmly believe that a break away from step six football will allow us to regroup and re-evaluate our standing and move forward for the future of the club itself.

Yours in sport,

The Hall Road Rangers committee