Following the conclusion of the 2021/22 NCEL Division One season last Saturday, Rangers joint manager Leon Sewell has provided an assessment of his side’s campaign.

Leon had this to say:

“I’ve worked it out that we’ve had 51 games over the season. Eight friendlies, three cup games and then obviously the 40 league games.

There’ve been ups and downs and I’ve learnt an awful lot. It’s been very demanding and very challenging on the pitch and also off the pitch.

I think it’s testament to the full club in general that the players and the management team have obviously put a shift in and off the pitch as well.

I would like to personally thank Darren Sunley for his efforts at the beginning of the season and during the Summer. The work that he put in to make sure the club remained during lockdown and during Covid was absolutely top notch alongside Dave Reader, yourself Ollie, Kev Rev and the full Reader family to an extent.

Personally from myself, I’d like to say thank you to Darren, Dave and all involved. It’s very much appreciated and the players appreciate it as well.

The players have been absolutely spot on. We’ve had a bit of a change around in personnel at some point.

I’ve been in touch with the players that are no longer with us in the last few weeks. To them, thank you for your efforts and I wish you all the best for the future. To the current players, massive testament and it’s really, really much appreciated for their time and their efforts.

Finally, the likes of Burkey, Matty Gray and Rico who came in at the 11th hour to help more so myself back in September/October time have been great.

We’ll lick our wounds and we’ve got a few weeks off now. It’s time to rest and recuperate and let the merry go round begin again.

Personally, thank you to our home and away supporters that have either travelled to places like Ollerton and visiting spectators who’ve come to Haworth Park over the last ten months. It’s genuinely much appreciated.

I hope we all have a good Summer and we’ll be back at it in June ready to go probably end of July/beginning of August.

Thank you to everyone once again.”