Image may contain: 2 people, people playing sports and outdoorBy Neil Winsor

Photograph supplied by Lee Myers

JACOB Norburn is the latest player to boost Hall Road Rangers as the central defender has pledged his immediate future to the club.

Norburn, 20, was a revelation alongside Dane Mortimer in the second half of last season and despite reported interest from other more ‘illustrious’ clubs, the young defender looks set to return to Haworth Park in 2018/2019.

The commitment from both parties, is another clear indicator, not only towards Rangers investment in the future, but that the ethos is able to attract, and keep players of the calibre of Norburn

The centre-half has also been rewarded, and following the expected arrival of Rhys Vazquez who will assume the role of vice-captain, Norburn is set to take the captain’s arm-band in a bold move by Rangers boss Bill Gill.

Gill, who brought Norburn to the club at the end of 2017 was ecstatic to be able to welcome back a player that was one of many positives to an encouraging second half of last season.

He said, “Jacob has committed himself to the club once again this season which is great news for us, as it looked like at one point that he may move to a club higher in terms of status and division.

He has chosen us though because he loves the club and the people, and the feeling is mutual.

He was instrumental towards our survival last season and it’s been an excellent bit of business securing his services.”

Gill has also entrusted Norburn with the responsibility of leading the club next season, despite his young age.

The Rangers boss doesn’t see Norburn’s age as a problem however, and on the appointment added the following:

“Jacob was chosen not only because of his ability which is unquestionable, but also his attitude and tactical knowledge which he displayed in abundance last season.

He, like Rhys Vazquez will play a key role in the development of the squad over the next two or three seasons.”

With Louis Bruce, Jordan Clark, Dane Mortimer and James Hitchcock also vowing to return next season, there will be some element of familiarity to Rangers rearguard which is likely to be another positive for the club.