A statement from Dave Reader:

“After a long thought and chats with family, I’ve decided to step down and away from Hall Road and Haworth Park at the end of this season. I feel the journey has been incredible and I’ve met a lot of friends through football. These will remain great future friends.

The job of Chairman has become too much and I’ve decided that I need to make a decision to step away to ensure my spare time is not Haworth and Hall Road only. My health and my family are far more important.

I want to thank everyone for listening and helping in keeping Hall Road a name that people know and believe in, but I think I’ve helped as much as I can in the capacity whilst in charge. I’m happy to have a chat with anyone and will be on the end of a phone if you need me to answer any questions.

We have the next four/five months together and will continue to help build where I can and support you all. I’ll be stepping down from all active roles at the end of May 2023. I’ve spoken to other clubs to take teams if wanted or if anyone wants to take over the running of Hall Road then let’s have a formal chat.

Haworth Park is still available with Neill. If you would prefer to stay, this can be arranged with Neill and anyone wanting to stay. Teams can look, if you want, to go under another club banner or can help again with a move to another club which I can assist with the transition.

Thank you for all your help and know it’s not what people like to hear. However, I believe I’ve taken the club as far as I can. I hope we can all enjoy the remaining months and season together and share a beer and Christmas together.”