With a short break in terms of on the pitch action, club Press Officer Neil Winsor caught up with Hall Road striker Josh Batty for a light hearted, ‘dish the dirt’ chat on his team-mates.

Josh will no doubt have endeared himself to his team-mates even more so, and the players he has mentioned will have their opportunity to have their say on the enigmatic striker throughout the season.

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Name: Josh Batty

Previous clubs: Doncaster Rovers, Gainsborough Trinity, Retford United, Barton Town, Winterton Rangers

Day job: Mechanical Engineer

Q1): What has been the most embarrassing moment in your football career?

My most embarrassing moment was probably when I was fifteen years old and playing for Doncaster.

I went up for a challenge and took a knock to the head, I decided to carry on playing and I must of had some concussion, as I started catching the ball with my hands and not knowing what I was doing ?

Q2): Is there a moment in your career that you are particuarly proud of?

My proudest moment was probably scoring a hat-trick against Newcastle United for Doncaster Rovers. It didn’t impress anybody though as I was then released a week later ?

Q3): Who is the best player you have played with?

I would have to say playing with Max Clark (below) for a couple of years when I was younger. He was always so calm on the ball, and no matter who was around him. He has obviously now gone on to prove himself in the first team squad at Hull City ??

Image result for max clark hull city

PHOTO: Max Clark in action for England Under 17’s. Clark is attributed as the best player Josh Batty has played alongside


Q4): You have been with Hall Road for over a year now, what were your first impressions when you arrived at the club?

First impressions when I started at Hall Road was that I had a lot to prove.

I knew exactly what the club wanted to do that season, and the players around me were so capable of doing so.

I knew that I had a bad spell at Barton a year or so before, and a few of those lads were here, so I imagine a few of them pulled a few faces when I first signed … (Ash Dexter)…. but I feel like I proved myself pretty quick and the lads were very open and helpful from the get go.

Q5): Who is the worst for buying a round in the bar after a game?

I think we all know who never buys a round after the game and that is Benno.

The guy is the tightest lad I know.

Refuses to even pay fines and never dips into his pockets.

Luckily the lad carries us all on the pitch though so he gets away with it.

Image may contain: 3 people, people playing sports and outdoor

PHOTO: He may carry the lads on the pitch, but here is Tom Bennett running away from ‘drink round duties’

Q6): Who is the most boring at the club?

It has to be Louis Bruce aka Roy cropper.

I sometimes record his stories on my phone, then listen to them at night to help me sleep ?

Q7): Who is the best for banter in the dressing room?

That’s easy.

The best for banter in the changing room has to be me.

Nothing more has to be said about that.

Q8): Who takes the longest in the shower after a game?

I hate to say it but it’s our Witty (James Whittingham). He likes to stay in the shower for a long time. God knows why

Q9): Who would you never take fashion tips from and who is the best dressed?

The worst dressed member is a toss up between Tom Bennett (again) and Chris Spinks.

Benno wears sikh silk and whatever trainers he can nick off Liam Cooper, and Spinksy dresses like he’s a 40 year old.

I’d have to say best dress sense though has to be Connor Harman.

Q10): Who is always having a moan at the club?

The biggest moaner at the club. Now for some reason, I reckon people think it would be me but I actually can’t understand that.

So apart from me, I’d have to say Gareth Owen. The lad could argue with himself in an empty room, although Danny Norton is pretty bad too!

PHOTO: Josh Batty in his Barton days with ‘Mr Moaner’ himself Gareth Owen looking on.