By Neil Winsor

Prior to today’s latest frustrating postponement away at Clipstone we caught up with Rangers captain Danny Norton to take part in the returning Rangers Revealer.

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Name: Danny Norton

Age: 28


What is your most embarrassing moment at any level of football?

“I have missed a few sitters in my time but the one that sticks out has to be the time I got sent off playing for Beverley Town.

I was a Barton Town player at the time and our game had been called off.

Been a young lad and just wanting to play a game of football, I decided to play for Beverley Town despite being told specifically not to play for anyone else by the manager at Barton.

One thing led to another and in a fiery game, I ended up getting sent off for a slightly mistimed tackle!

I turned up to training for Barton the next week and the fine had come through.

I got bollocked like a school kid in front of all the players. Very embarrassing.”

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What is your greatest achievement within football?

“I have many proud moments in football such as winning the league and remaining unbeaten at University and winning the National Cup for Beverley Town (left).

My proudest moment however has got to be winning the league last year for Hall Road with a great set of lads.

I will say however if I manage to captain this side to safety after everything that’s gone on, it could top it.”

Ash Dexter


Who is the best player you have ever been in the same team with?

“I’ve been fortunate enough to play with some great players at my time at Hull City, University and in the Northern Counties.

But this is a simple one for me, and it has to Ash Dexter (pictured).

The man was colossal at the back. Its not only what he did on the pitch but off the pitch he is the best captain i have ever played under.

He spoke and you listened.

Without him I doubt we would have been anywhere near winning the league last year.”

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Who is the best player you have played against?

“Josh Greening who plays for Tadcaster Albion.

He made this league look like he was playing on a playground with 10 year old kids.

He could do things with a football I couldn’t dream of and everytime we played against him, he scored two or three – a quality player.”


What were your first impressions of the club when you joined?

“They were definitely positive.

There was a lot of quality players and all from the local area, and with Dave and Bill at the helm things could only be positive.

I knew after the first training session it was something I wanted to be part of.”

Who is, or who has been the biggest influence on your football so far?

“I have had two big influences in my football career.

Firstly my old man, he took me to Hull City as a kid for every game, and he still comes to watch most of the games now.

He is my harshest critic and he tells me how it is.

He also likes to act as my agent and tell me who to play for!

Secondly,  Dave Ricardo, when I came back from America, I was completely unknown in the area, he was the first one to give me a chance and we have never looked back.

I’ve followed him pretty much everywhere and he knows how to the get the best out of me.

Without these two I doubt I would be playing now. I owe them a lot.”

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If you could have a round of drinks with any footballing figure, past or present, who would you choose?

“It would have to be Gazza for me.

The man is an absolute legend and the best English player in the last 40 years.

I would also bet that he would have some incredible stories.”


Now to dish the dirt on some of your team-mates, who never buys a round in the bar after a game?

“This is tough now Benno has gone.

I’m going with Connor Harman though, he is a student and he’s always begging Witty for money.

Spinko is the most generous, I must owe him 100 pints!

Who is the one to avoid in the dressing room, and why?

“Easy one and it’s Witty.

He is constantly playing practical jokes, hiding stuff and taking the p*** out of you.

He also has a decent length on him so its not the best for your self confidence!”

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Who is the worst trainer at the club, and why?

“Josh Batty or Sam Belcher.

Belcher turns up like hes about to trek up a mountain or walk his dog!

Josh Batty spends half of his time moaning, and the other half, standing still and not tracking his runners.”



You could land someone in trouble here, but on a night out who is the one who pulls, and who is the one who tries the hardest?

“The one that pulls is Jack Binns!

I remember going in Tofts with him on a team night out and girls were literally queuing up to talk to him.

I’ve never seen anything like it.

He is a handsome man though so I don’t blame them.

The one that tries the hardest is Josh Batty, which i’m pretty surprised about to be fair, because he has no standards and he is more than willing to lower them!”

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Who has the worst dress sense within the club?

“Worst dress sense – I’m giving this to Griff (right), he turned up last week in an American football shirt with a smart jacket over the top of it.

This is probably quite trendy but i’m getting on a bit now and I can’t pull off stuff like this anymore.”

Who is the biggest moaner at the club?

“I’m sure the lads would say this is probably me.

Belcher likes to moan at the strikers quite a lot when we aren’t making the right runs, but Batty and Griff spend 90 minutes moaning that they haven’t got the ball so these two can share it.